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billy jonas / bridging divides

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intro: I Mean

Intro: I MEAN
© 2014 by Billy Jonas (Bang-A-Bucket Music/BMI)

Billy: Bye, I’m hilly
Sherman & Ash: You mean, “Hi, I’m Billy”
Billy: Right, Hi, I’m Billy. And I’m a lysdexic wrong citer
Sherman & Ash: You mean “dyslexic song writer”
Billy: Yeah, and that means I sticks muff up
Sherman & Ash: You “mix stuff up”
Billy: Right! And it makes it hard to cite wrongs
Sherman & Ash: “Hard to write songs”
Billy: Write songs, yeah. And gives me blighter’s rock
Sherman & Ash: “Writer’s block”
Billy: Yeah, writer’s block. Anyway, I played a man…
Sherman & Ash: “Made a plan”
Billy: Made a plan. And toted a loon…
Sherman & Ash: “Loaded a tune”
Billy: With gum sappy hide lines
Sherman: No
Billy: I mean some gappy hide lines
Ash: No
Billy: Gum happy sidelines
Sherman & Ash: No
Billy: Hum sappy guidelines
Billy: Right, some happy guidelines. So if we teach in random
Sherman & Ash: “Reach in tandem”
Billy: Yeah. We can ding this city
Sherman & Ash: “Sing this ditty”
Billy: And set this gong
Sherman & Ash: “Get this song”
Billy: Gear hose
Sherman & Ash: “Here goes”

© 2014 by Billy Jonas (Bang-A-Bucket Music/BMI)