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EXPANDING for 2023 (adding ADULTS, TEENS, and YOUTH)


1st Annual CAMP BANGIN’ & SANGIN’! with Billy Jonas, 2022

Camp Bangin' & Sangin’! (CB&S!) is a music, songwriting, and creativity camp, for adults and young folks. While our inaugural year only included ages 6-12, we are expanding 2023 to 6 sessions, each a week long, including more age groups!

Registration opens Feb 1 - check back here for the sign up button!


  • June 5-9th, adults 18+ (NEW)
  • June 12-16th, teens 12-18 (NEW)
  • June 19-23rd, youth 9-12
  • July 10-14th, kids 6-8*
  • July 17-21st, kids 6-8*
  • July 24-28th, kids 6-8*

Odyssey Community School
90 Zillicoa St.
Asheville NC 28801


- - -

MISSION: In the interest of connection, and putting more love in the world through music, CB&S! seeks to honor and nurture the creativity of every participant, regardless of previous skill, ability, or talent. Everyone is encouraged to make instruments, create songs, and sing/vocalize daily. Participants should plan to attend the entire session, as our work will be cumulative, culminating in a group concert.

Camp includes:

  • Singing (learning songs, group singing, and vocal technique)
  • Body percussion (fundamentals of rhythm)
  • Songwriting (new songs each day, plus refining and editing those already created)
  • Performing (learn how to be comfortable on stage)
  • Improvisation (making it up as you go)
  • Homemade instrument making (from found, recyclable, and craft objects)
  • Ensemble playing (duos, trios, full band)
  • Games (music and rhythm games, plus more)
  • Community Service (bringing music to a retirement home, or hospital)
  • Swimming (M-Th, weather permitting!)

Questions? Email, or call 828-232-9962 (landline, no texts please).

Campers should bring:

  • Swim stuff: towel, sunscreen, suit, goggles
  • Lunch and snack, with cold-pak
  • Water bottle
  • Journal/notebook
  • Recyclable materials — WASHED — for instrument making, including
    - 2 boxes (one shoe box or cereal box, & one slightly larger)
    - 3 or more clean metal soup cans (any size)
    - 3 or more clean plastic containers like milk jugs etc
    - any inspiring recyclable/found items to incorporate into a musical instrument or sculpture.

Billy Jonas teaching children music at Camp Bangin  Sangin
Billy Jonas teaching children music at Camp Bangin  Sangin
Children writes music with Billy Jonas at Camp Bangin  Sangin
Child writes music at Billy Jonas Camp Bangin  Sangin
Children perform music on stage at Billy Jonas Camp Bangin  Sangin

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