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billy jonas / bridging divides

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Open Your Heart

He almost came back home to you last night
For a moment in his mind
It seemed like the very best thing to do
He made it as far as the back door
Thanked God it was locked
When he turned to go a bit of his soul stayed

He'd seen a woman who looked just like you
Your way of walking your way of standing still
And he got so mad he felt so bad
And oh how he wanted to kiss you
When she turned around
Everything blew all away

That's when he knew he was twisted inside
He loves you
He hates you
It opens his heart wide
Opens his heart

And I know that you so much wanted to talk to him
For a moment in your mind when it did seem
Like the most natural thing to do
You made it as far as the back door
Made it as far as the phone
Punched the numbers
But never let it ring no

Did you have to find that old photograph
The one where he was holding the baby
Only two minutes old
You felt so sad You felt so bad
And oh how you wanted to touch him
Came to your senses
Put everything away

That's when you knew you were still tangled inside
You love him
You hate him
It opens your heart wide
Opens your heart

We want that apple just out of reach
Believing it is the one we seek
No matter the danger we try
Again and again and again
Higher and higher we do climb
No way down
Out of our minds
Always the danger still we try
Again and again and again

There are people alone sitting in chairs
And staring out their open windows
Thinking about what might have been
And wondering where did it go wrong
A test of will. a tug of war
Between two immovable objects
Nobody wins
The rope breaks
And then you walk away

While you are walking you know
You are tangled inside
You love
You hate
And it opens your heart wide
Opens your heart your heart wide


Words & Music by Bill Melanson
1993 Bang-A-Bucket Music, BMI