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billy jonas / bridging divides

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I'm Not Growing Older

I am just a young boy
Barely in my teens
I like to ride my bicycle
I let my mom fix all of my jeans

  I'm not growing older, there's just no way
  I'm not growing older, there's just no way

I am now a young man
I just turned 18
I'm going away to college
Chasing all of my dreams


I'm what you call a working man
I am 25
I take long walks with my lady friend
It feels good to be alive


I wear the title of Daddy-O
I am 43
The world is getting crazy
I try to let my mind run free


I feed the birds in the meadow
I'm now 69
Living off social security
It's not much but I'm doing fine


I am now an old man
I am 92
I can still play the guitar
But not like I used to

I've got a great granddaughter
Seems to me she's about 3
Sang her first song the other day
These were the words she sang to me



Words & Music by Bill Melanson
1993 Bang-A-Bucket Music, BMI