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billy jonas / bridging divides

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The Wheel Song

I found a wheel that came from an old wagon
Lying in a field behind my neighbor's barn.
I took that wheel and fixed where it had rotted
I painted it bright colors
You ought to see how it shines.

  Isn't it amazing what a little bit of glue can do
  What you can fix with a nail or two
  Taking your time, doing it right
  Make sure everything fits real tight
  Little bit of wire, little bit of rope
  Wrap it up with a little bit of hopeoh yeah!

I found a house in the middle of the city.
It was anything but pretty
About to come tumbling down.
I took that house and fixed where it had rotted
Painted it bright colors and the house became a home.


Resurrected, reconnected, elevated, recreated
The celebration of the rejuvenation  OH YEAH
I'm not saying everything can be saved
Just take a good look before you throw it away

You found my heart, it was torn and tattered
Worn and shattered
About to come tumbling down
You took my heart, gave it what it needed
Helped to stop the bleeding
Turned my world around

Isn't it amazing what a little bit of love can do
What you can fix with a kiss or two
Take your time getting it right
Make sure you hug me really tight
You said the kindest words
That I have ever heard  Oh yeah Oh yeah


Words by The Billys (Bill Melanson & Billy Jonas)
Music by Bill Melanson
1993 Bang-A-Bucket Music, BMI