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billy jonas / bridging divides

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You Come To Me

you come to me in memories: shards of glass  
you come to me in reveries: blades of grass  
now -- the ground is soft; the wounds are deep
now -- you come to me within my sleep
you came to me recklessly in search of shelter  
you came to me relentlessly; yeah I let you  
when I opened up, you crawled inside  
then -- you opened all my windows wide
I came to you gradually in the days that followed  
I came to you magically to fill the hollow
now -- I stand outside, the darkness grows  
I see you in the window; I see the windows close  
I come to you with an open heart; an empty vessel  
I come to you with my hands apart; why must you wrestle  
now -- I call your name; I seek your face
now -- I see the windows break  
you come to me eternally -- you fill the air  
you come to me eternally -- though you're not there  
now -- I know the truth; my strength is gone  
now -- I know to carry on now -- I know that I will carry on  
you come to me  
you come to me


Words & Music by Billy Jonas
2000 Billy Jonas Bang-A-Bucket Music, BMI