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billy jonas / bridging divides

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Hit The Bottom

I've got a buddy by the name of Todd, he's the very spittin' image of God
With his momma and his poppa, 1-2-3; they all look just like God to me
I visited their happy hippie homestead, sad, I held my head and said
"I got no honey, no money, no home - give me a task." I dug into their garden mud until I  
   had to ask  
"Have I hit the bottom yet?"  
We all went hiking in the mountains high; edges of blue, ridges of black to the sky
I got lost amidst the moss of Mt. Mitchell; wrangle-tangle-strangle, dang, I got no tent to
I got to go down down down below, you know you got to go the way the water flows
 cuz that's where the people like to be, it all comes down to gravity
Have I hit the bottom yet?
Todd got plastic dinosaurs, let him get 'em, spread 'em out all over the floor  
Little symbols of the cycles of eternity: from dinosaur to petroleum to plastic effigy
We're eternal and immortal say the young; it's like cancer, it just goes on and on and on How low shall we go until we reconnect, or are we bound down in this trajectory?      Have we hit the bottom yet?
Down down down we go; how far, no one knows
I'm ready to ascend; have I hit the bottom yet?
Todd got the chicken pox little red speckles from his head to his socks •
The doctor said "quarantine: 2 weeks incubation!" They called up all their friends to have
  a big celebration
"Chicken pox party! Come one, come all! If your toddler hasn't had 'em yet there's no
  time to stall!"  
Hip hooray happy unhappy day the day you spot 'em; nobody told me and I'd never had
  'em, now I got 'em
Have I hit the bottom yet?  
I dreamed my house was flooded and I swam to the attic for air, there were these little  
  'care bears' swimming around up there in the air
Cuz my air was their water; their water was my air; little bubbles (pop-pop-pop-pop)
  rising out of their hair
I knew the Jungian archetypal type o' thing to do: you see all elements of your dream as a
  reflection of parts of you
I thought: "bears in the attic - that's like demons in the mind . . . but they're 'care bears,'
  so my demons are benign?"  
Then I thought "air and water combined, that's a dimensional dementia: thoughts,
  emotions, and feelings intertwined
I climbed down and out, or should I say in, to the emotional ocean below, I tried to swim  
  but I sunk, deeper deeper down; tried to fight it then I took a look around
  and I found I could breathe, with just a little trouble; here come the 'care bears'
  waltzing through my bubbles
Some're bound to drown while the others dream; you got to go low to know the opposite  
Have I hit the bottom yet?  
Humpty Dumpty sat upon a wall took a fall, and said "I am a super baaaaaaalll"
As he plummeted from the summit he repeated the affirmation (the power of positive
  thinking has reverberations)
and he bounced and it hurt, "oww," and all the kings men were amazed when he did it  
He said "falling is my calling, so I'll get it over with; I'm bound to go down and it's a
  necessary rhythm
Have I hit the bottom yet?"
I died, and I was pissed off, I went to heaven and said "I want to see the boss"  
A heavenly host of solar panels suddenly appeared, and said "you want to talk to God you got to look into the mirror"
"Mirror mirror mirror on the wall - is it true the truth is in a super ball?"
Suddenly I was reincarnated with a WHUMP! "It's a boy!" said the doctor as he hit me on
  the rump  
Have I hit the bottom yet?
Then I was a rock...then I was a sock...then I was just the ticking of a clock...then I was a  
  speck...then I was a fleck...then I was a piece of dust on the back of somebody's  
  neck...then I was a flea...then I was a bee...then I was a no-see-'em and nobody could
  see me...then I was an itch in a puddle in a ditch, then I switched to a note - just a little
  off pitch...have I hit the bottom yet...?


Words & Music by Billy Jonas
2000 Billy Jonas Bang-A-Bucket Music, BMI