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billy jonas / bridging divides

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Hollow Bamboo

We are Hollow Bamboo
Open up your heart and let the light shine through
Light shine, light shine through!
Light shine, light shine through


Words and music - traditional, with variation in second 1/2 by Billy Jonas
Copyright 2008 Billy Jonas, Bang-A-Bucket Music / BMI (based on traditional song)
Billy Jonas: vocals, percussion, angklung
Ashley Farmer: vocals
Moira Smiley: harmonica
Chris Rosser: vocals
Kituah Sudbury School: vocals
Chrissa Weir: vocals
Luke Tannenbaum: vocals
Mark Perry: vocals
Steve Gorn: flute
Ely Pearl: vocals
Fiona Pearl: vocals
Joshua Pearl: vocals, angklung
Elijah Tucker: vocals, percussion, angklung
Julie Last: vocals, angklung

Produced by Billy Jonas, Bill Melanson & Adam Johnson
Engineered by Joshua Pearl at Let It Out Productions, Adam Johnson at Possum Palace, Chris Rosser at Hollow Reed Studios
Mixing by Billy Jonas and Adam Johnson at Possum Palace, Braidstream Studios and Upstream Studios, Asheville, NC