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billy jonas / bridging divides

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You are Not Alone

When you're lost in the woods and the wind and the wandering
   calls you onto your knees
Lay your hands on the earth and a whisper consoling will
   rise through the trees
Oooooooooo…..        Ooooooooooo……

When you wake in the night and the shadows are hungry for
   all that you've hidden from sight
Put your hands on your heart, feel the rhythm accompany the
   song that leads to the light

You are not alone … you are not alone…
You are not alone… you are not alone

When you move through a crowd and the faces keep turning
   away to the gray of the sky
Raise your hands through the clouds to the starlight that's yearning to
   offer 6 trillion replies



Words and Music by Billy Jonas
Copyright 2009 Billy Jonas, Bang-A-Bucket Music, BMI
Billy Jonas: vocals, piano, metalophone
Sue Ford: vocals
Chris Thompson: vocals
Embe Marimba Band (from Evergreen Charter School) -
marimbas: Dylan Baker, Danielle Boyer, Xandy Chelmis, Jules Elliot, Sophia Guciardo, Ashley Hughes, Julien Melissas, Allijah Motikah, Marni Silverberg, Sarah Smith, Mike Sule, Alex Villarreal, Gabriel Wagner
vocals: Dylan Wheeler, Edye Reeves, Jessica Davidson

Produced by Billy Jonas, Bill Melanson & Adam Johnson
Marimbas arranged by Billy Jonas, Sue Ford, Louisa Ford
Engineered by Adam Johnson at Possum Palace
Mixed by Billy Jonas and Adam Johnson at Possum Palace, Braidstream Studios and Upstream Studios, Asheville, NC