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billy jonas / bridging divides

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Family Programs


"Our musical mission: to honor and empower the creativity,
inherent intelligence, and desire to learn in young folks, as well as their elders;
to inspire them, apart and together, to question and play --
and to see these two things as inseparable pathways to joy."
- Billy

Sophisticated fun for all ages....

Throw out the rules when the Billy Jonas Band takes the stage! It's a musical conversation, a sonic celebration, a splendiferous gathering of old and young, because the ensemble is ... EVERYONE. From beginning to end, participation is the name of the game.
"...irresistible.... my face hurts from smiling." - Alison Krauss
"...witty, smart, raw." - New York Times
Across North America and beyond, with multi-part vocal harmonies, guitar, industrial re-percussion, bass, marimba, and audience-engaging choreography. Featuring Billy, Ashley Jo Farmer, Sherman Hoover, and Juan Holladay. The Billy Jonas Band was honored with a 2010 concert at the White House!