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Family Programs


Creating "Family Music" has been an evolving endeavor -- it started with WHAT KIND OF CAT ARE YOU?! in 2002.

After years working in the singer-songwriter genre, making adult-oriented music that kids seemed to like just as much as their parents, the songs on WHAT KIND OF CAT ARE YOU?! reflected a new but very natural direction -- making music focused on younger listeners. The surprise: adults would take us aside to say, "You know, I listen to that cd even when the kids aren't around."

This observation was taken to heart for the next family cd, HAPPY ACCIDENTS (2009). The songs are equally for adults and youth -- true "family" music.

Kids claimed it for their own, as did their parents, who thanked us for creating music they could listen to, singalong with, discuss, and equally enjoy together.

Our 2 family DVD/videos, BANGIN' & SANGIN' (2000), and EVERYBODY'S IN THE BAND (2005), spanned an epic haircut (see covers below), and offered a chance to see the "industrial re-percussion" instruments in action, and how the audience becomes part of the band.

BUILD IT BACK AGAIN carries the tradition forward. The music is written and recorded with a mission: to honor and empower the creativity,
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intelligence, and desire to learn in young folks, as well as their adults; to inspire them, apart and together, to question and play -- and to see these two things as inseparable, and as pathways to joy. Sophisticated, fun music, in the service of creating joy-filled individuals, families, and community. Yeah, we wanna change the world for the better -- 2 ears at at time.