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billy jonas / bridging divides

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Let You Love Me

from: Get Real
theres a cu=row in my window / cracking up the dawn / I wanna know what she knows / I wanna brand new song / a song of forgiveness for damage that weve done / youve make it your business / Ive been on the run // how do I let u love me? // look at these imperfections / in the faces in the clouds / the crow says theyre reflections / for crying out loud / crying out for help / with these bruises and these scars / now I ask myself  myself, I say / who do you think u are? standing here, cursing at the stars // Im gonna let u love me // theres a song in the distance / waiting to be born / all of my resistance / is melting in the sun / the sun that keeps returning / blessing every day / the sun that keep on burning all the tears away  day by day // Im gonna let u love me