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billy jonas / bridging divides

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Zack's Walk

from: Get Real
zack took a walk in the middle of the night / zack had to go, something wasn't right / zack didn't tell anybody he'd be gone / but somebody or something was watching on / zack's walk // zack got outta bed at sometime around 2 / significant cuz that's his age his height and his shoe size too / still remains a mystery ex-zack-ly what happened / this open ended inquiry may be the final rap on // (chorus) zack's walk " changes coming soon / when the earth goes "heek! heek!" and the sky "boom! boom!" / zack's walk // it was a 2 foot drop from the crib to the floor / 2 flights of stairs, 2 gates, what's more / there were 2 loving parents sleeping as 2 doors were opened / 1 leading in, the other 1 leading out on zack's walk / zack, he musta heard a voice in the air / it said: "     " nobody knows, no one was there / but it was strong it pulled him barefoot down a mile of broken stone / and across 2 cattle guards before he hit the open road on zack's walk // the country road he chose runs long and lonely thru the night / several  miles in either direction " no house, no light / why did he take his clothes off, 1 by 1? / all we know for sure is he was going, going gone on zack's walk // first car that past said, "what's that animal thinking?" / 2nd was old Joe, but old Joe was drinkin' / 3rd just saw a shadow, swerved, and blew their horn / but whatever they saw just kept a weeble-weeble wobblin' on, on zack's walk // (chorus) // cruiser hit the gravel in their driveway flashing blue and red / at 5 am he knocked and mom and dad flew outta bed / in the beam of the trooper's flashlight he said "do u have a son?" / "he's sleeping," said his father / …"wrong" // we found him naked in a ditch, 2 miles away" / 'huh?!?" / was all his folks could say / then the beam of the trooper's flashlight found a face to dance upon / through the windshield of the cruiser, there was zack in the back come back from zack's walk / they kissed him, kissed him, "were u lost?" "not really…" / they hugged him, hugged him, how'd u get so far?" No big dealie…" / they asked him "were u scared?" he said "I missed my mom / when the earth went 'heek! heek!' and the sky 'boom! boom!' / was it lightning and thunder? The trooper said "no, / the sky was clear, the quarry was closed" / but 3 separate sources said the sound that filled the dawn / was the earth and the sky talking to their son on zack's walk // (chorus)