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billy jonas / bridging divides

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Let's Get Real

from: Get Real
(chorus) lets get real; lets get real; lets get real real real / lets get real; what do you feel? lets get real real real // hi. how are you? fine  me too.  im fine / fine as the cross hairs in the scope of a cross bow / aimed at the heart of a dear; oh dear / I fear what appears to be this eternal verity: little boys and their weaponry / jack be nimble, jack be quick, jack keeps picking up pointy sticks / the will to hunt, the will, the thrill; always have always will // (chorus) // hey, whats up? same-old same-old, yup. nothing. / nothing but the sky, which is nothing but air, which is nothing but particles and promises and limitless emptiness / take to heart, do not grieve; cuz u are what u breathe / the sky is blur and I am too / also true, I have seen it go from red to blue to green / oh, the changes fill me; always have always will // (chorus) // hey, whats new? nothing  yeah, me too. nothing / nothing but you and all your bodies cells which regenerate themselves / every 7 years u have disappeared and reappeared / except your liver, new each day, and grown-up brain cells just decay / energy is conserved / but learning new things must not cease; cuz neural pathways do increase / energy os conserved / hey now, hey now, have u heard  youre not a noun, youre a verb / energy is conserved / tell me, tell me can u see: whats the speed of history? / 10,000 souls per hour / population keeps increasing; grows without ceasing / energy is conserved; 10,000 souls per hour / round, round, round we go; where well stop no one knows / energy is conserved; 10,000 souls per hour / always have always will be // (chorus)