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billy jonas / bridging divides

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from: Get Real
okay, kids, its time for be / upstairs, go rest your little heads / but not u honey, the night is still young / in fact  the best is yet to come / make yourself comfortable, dont answer the phone close the curtains, were not home / slip in the kitchen, me and you / cuz honey, weve got dishes to do / lather up the sponge, wont you take the plunge / your finger tips will look like prunes / well Ive got a brand new pair of gloves, take them please my love / hubba hubba, you look good in rubber, rub-a-dub-dub well be gone so soon / slide up to the sink / glide the dishes over the brink / troubles in the bubbles, blues in the goo  / I love doin dishes with u / (chorus) I love u, I love you too, I love you three, I love you four, I love you more, score / grab a plate, rotate, rinse, rinse, pass it on (3x) / grab a plate, rotate, thats great, so take a break / elbow grease  just a little / I love the way the motion moves in your middle / slide to the side, its a mystical dance / whaddaya mean youll be glad when were done, honey? this is true romance! / I love the aimless conservations / the beads of perspiration on your upper lip / my cup overflows, so does the sink, try not to slip / cuddle in the puddle, do-sey-do / well huddle in the suds, oh no, we wont turn on the radio / music on the spot, tappin on the pots / we can make a brand new song / with chop sticks and a spoon, whaddaya mean theyre not in tune?  well be doin dishes all night long / oh no, almost done, well you know what my wish is / eat more food and make more dirty dishes! / oh joy, its dawn, well never be through / I love doing dishes with u / (chorus) / oh look your friends are here / one to scrape and one to scrub, one to rinse and one to rub them dry, and ont to stackem high / oh the party never ends, here come more dishes and here come more friends / the water bill, the water bill  oh no the water bill / is less than when we had a dishwashing machine / though I confess, yes, even the floor is getting clean / its fun one on one, but a crew is a coup  coup detat! / I love doin dishes, u know what my wish is, well make more dirty dishes, by eating stuff delicious, like maybe some knishes, or good sandwiches / (chorus)