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Monday, February 16, 2015

Monday, February 16, 2015
For science:

In other Billy Jonas news:

Laila Rose is growing in leaps & bounds! 2 Months old today!
Laila's first superbowl (she's not allowed to look at the screen!)
Our little giraffe....


Feb 14, 12 pm, St. Louis, MO
(family audience show)
Feb 14, (5:30 pm), St. Louis, MO
(general audiences show)

Feb 15-17, St. Louis, MO
(general audiences conference)
March 7, 8 pm, White Plains, NY
(benefit concert - gen aud)

March 14, 11 am, Urbana, IL
(family show)

March 15, 1 pm, Ann Arbor, MI
The Ark
(family show)

March 22, 4:30 pm, Encinitas, CA
The Encinitas Community & Senior Center
(family show)