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Monday, October 29, 2012

Billy and the Billy Jonas Band are so happy to have been able to get one more show in before the storm hits. Thank you to everyone who braved the impending storm to come out and join in the concert. Billy and the Band had a blast performing and meeting new friends in New York, but now it’s time to go take cover until the storm passes.

We hope the hurricane turns out to be a nonevent, but just in case, be sure to have flashlights, extra batteries, water, and some nonperishable food to get you through the storm.  

If Sandy does knock out your power, what are some of your families’ favorite power-outage activities? Whether it’s candle-lit Monopoly, flashlight tag in the house, or just singing or playing guitar, we can still have fun the old-fashioned way.
To our East Coast fans - Be safe, stay inside, and check in with a battery-powered radio on any updates on the storm.
Monday, October 29, 2012