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billy jonas / bridging divides

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Adult Programs


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Exquisite harmonies, rollicking rhythms, soul-spelunking songs .... An expansive journey across vast landscapes of the heart, and rich wildernesses of imagination, where hope meets possibility.

From soothing ballads to powerfully polyrhythmic tunes; from laughter to soul stirring inspiration. With daring harmonies, and a mix of homemade "re-percussion" and conventional instruments (guitar, bass, marimba), all are invited to a realm of expanding boundaries, wonder, and life-affirming embrace. Click on the Look+Listen tab above for audio and video.

shows occur at festivals, theaters, clubs, universities, schools, synagogues, churches, conferences and retreat centers.
Workshops: master classes in our particular brand of style-blending, genre-bending funky folk music, and multi-voice harmony, as well as creating and playing non-traditional percussion. For more detailed information please contact Loyd Artists booking agency (, 518-647-5916).