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billy jonas / bridging divides

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“Within minutes, Billy gets all ages - truly - out of their chairs, fully participating in movement and spirited music. His lyrics and kavvanot (intros) help us think about our humanity, our Jewish heritage of values and teachings, and our connections/responsibility to nature. On the stage, the rhythm and sound of visually-captivating, found objects, each with its own story, make for an unforgettable prayer-concert.”

-Adam Stock Spilker, Rabbi, Mount Zion Temple St. Paul, MN

"Billy is a phenomenon! He is engaging and inspiring. All of us—from the littlest ones to their parents and grandparents—were dancing in the aisles to his magical beat. "
- Rabbi Joseph Skloot, WHC, Washington DC

"It's like nothing you've ever heard and yet it immediately becomes part of your playlist. In an era where music is predictable and formulaic, Billy Jonas breaks the mold and captures your heart...forever"
- Craig Taubman

" ... a 'jaw dropper!' ... truly extraordinary, explosively creative, hilarious and consummately authentic. Billy stirs my soul ... he's one of a kind.
- Rick Recht, performer

“... take(s) people to a place of both depth and joy ... to capture wonder and take spiritual risks.”
- Cantor Ellen Dreskin, HUC-JIR, NY

"Congratulations on a job well done! What an awesome night!"
- Cantor Rebecca Robins, Temple Sinai, Washington DC

“... Billy raised spirits all over our congregation.... he has a gift for engaging people and drawing them into worship....”
- Rabbi Leah Lewis, Congregation Shir Ha-Ma’alot, Irvine CA

“Billy’s performances are highlights for our program, and the kids keep singing his songs all summer.”
- Seth Kellam, JCC Youth Director, Asheville NC

“...A true gift to the world of Jewish music.”
- Elana Jagoda, Peninsula Temple Beth El, San Mateo CA

“Billy Jonas Band ... is an amazing mix of talent, energy, education, spirit, and fun all rolled into one..... Great with the adult audience at an evening show, and great with the children’s show the next day.”
- Rabbi Neal Katz, Congregation Beth El, Tyler TX