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billy jonas / bridging divides

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Nine Foot Dragon & Four-Foot Boy

Nine-foot dragon and a four-foot boy
The boy has a weapon, but it's only a toy
The dragon is big and mean and scary
Boy has the advantage; dragon is imaginary

Dragon says, "Boy, I'm gonna EAT YOU UP!!!"
The boy pulls out his paper cup
The dragon says, "Whatcha gonna do
with that?"
The boy says, "It's my magic hat!"

Can you believe? Imagine THIS!
Can you believe? Imagine THAT!
Can you believe? Imagination where it's at!

The boy put the cup on top of his head
The dragon started laughing, and his face
turned red
The boy got a string and tied him up
And covered his snout with the paper cup

The dragon said, "Hey, let me go!"
The boy said, "Uh, how '"
The moral of the story is a big sensation:
Watch out for little boys with a
big imagination


Words & Music by Billy Jonas

Billy Jonas:  vocals, harmonies, re-percussion, guitar, trombones, bodhran
Elliot Wadopian:  upright bass
Bill Melanson:  vocals, harmonies
Additional vocals, harmonies, clap etc.:  Gabe Chess
Copyright 2002 Billy Jonas, Bang-A-Bucket Music, BMI