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billy jonas / bridging divides

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When I was young I did not know what people meant when
they said so and so was 'sleeping together' – Because when
mom and dad were fast asleep I'd tiptoe in and gently creep
between, we'd be 'sleeping together' – I only knew between
the two, my dreams were better; – and all my fears
disappeared -- sleeping together

When we'd been dating for a week I finally kissed you on
the cheek and said we should try sleeping together
– You said "that sounds premature," I did my best to
reassure "I really mean just 'sleeping' together"
– You said "no tricks and don't be slick," you slept
in your jeans and your sweater – In our cocoon we l
ay like spoons -- sleeping together

Hush -- be still; feel the beating of my heart - Hush --
be still; this is where the music starts

Sleeping together
Sleeping together

Someday when we're old and gray, if looks and lust
have passed I pray we're sleeping together
– Now I lay me down to sleep I pray the Love will
keep us sleeping together
Our bodies lay like notes sustained -- we're music together
The warmest chord I've ever heard -- sleeping together

Sleeping together
Sleeping together
Sleeping together


Words & music by Billy Jonas
Billy Jonas:  vocals, guitar, industrial re-percussion
Copyright 2000 Billy Jonas, Bang-A-Bucket Music, BMI