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billy jonas / bridging divides

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The Greatest Photo EVER! And more...

"Clouds Above, Clouds Below"
Photo taken on an excursion to one of the highest points in Colorado, Mt. Evans
Photo credit: Adrian Jonas

Billy, his wife Adrian, plus their little one, Laila Rose traveled as a family out to northern California and Colorado (Billy participated as art/music resident at various camps out west).
This is going down in history as one of the coolest, most profound photos ever! A picture really is worth a thousand words... Billy & Laila Rose.
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BIlly has the pleasure of joining Rabbi Batsheva Meiri, Joshua Canter and other special guests in the 3rd Annual

"Embracing the Spirit Retreat: An Exploration into the Heart of Judaism"
August 11 - August 14
Alexander, NC (outside of Asheville)

During this special weekend, we will delve into the spirit of the practice of shabbat, weaving together ritual, meditation, music, and celebration, opening our hearts as individuals and also deepening our connection as a community. If you have any interest please click on the link, "True Nature Yoga Wellness" below for more details.