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House Concerts


In addition to traditional venues, Billy Jonas & the BJB occasionally present concerts in people's homes. For some, it's the chance of a lifetime -- up close and personal with your favorite musicians and music. The intimate, relaxed and interactive experience of such a gathering is one that will never be forgotten!

How does a 'House Concert' work?
House Concerts are focused, seated, listening events -- very different than a party with live music. They usually occur in a large living room, or nearby private space such as a recreation room/commons of an apartment complex, studio, social hall, comfy barn, or private backyard. House Concerts are mostly (though not always) acoustic, and typically have 30 to 80 people depending on the space. Often they involve a potluck. Sometimes they are public, sometimes by invite only. People expect to pay to attend (unless the host has covered it), and to sit and listen. House concerts are a wonderful way to spend time with the artists, as well as to meet neighbors and folks with like-minded interests. There are as many variations on the theme as there are people hosting them!

For more info, or for booking, contact, 518.647.5916.

For general info about the idea of House Concerts visit: