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L-M-N-O-P Break, from the album, "Build It Back Again" has been recently nominated
for an Independent Music Award.
Please go and vote! If you have not had the pleasure of listening, check it out. AND VOTE!!!

What people are saying about Billy Jonas's
Build It Back Again

jonas 1839
“A force for good in the field of quality music, tailor-made for children…. Jonas and company have mastered a near perfect blend of great music and playfully educational messages.”
~  A 2015 Parents’ Choice GOLD Award winner

“Audiences routinely clap their hands and stomp their feet to add to the sound.
And the band members are masters of re-percussion, using recycled materials like milk jugs or buckets to create unique beats and sounds.”
~  WUNC public radio’s  “The State of Things”

“Yeah, wow.  Their concerts are ‘neo-tribal hootenanny’ complete with active audience participation from all ages and *gasp* EDUCATIONAL.  But, they do not forget the fun.  There is FUN!  Lots of it.”
~Momma’s Bacon
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