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We love NY! (And we'll be there this week)

It is an amazing honor and opportunity for the Billy Jonas Band to perform this weekend at SymphonySpace -- a pristine and prestigious concert hall right in the middle of the New York City. Plus, we get to navigate the van around Manhattan, one of the most thrilling and adrenaline-filled navigational experiences in the pantheon of driving possibilities on this planet. We've already seen "War Horse" and "Book of Mormon" -- any other suggestions for Broadway? Anyway, to get tickets or more information about our SymphonySpace concert, click here.

Following Saturday's concert in Manhattan, we head north to Saratoga Springs, NY's Cafe Lena, which famously hosted a number of huge players during the folk music revival in the sixties, including Bob Dylan! We're excited to play on a stage with so much history. For tickets to that concert, click here.

Ok, New York fans, we'll see you this weekend!

updated: 9 years ago