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From Billy's Office Manager, Steve:

Billy is bangin' & sangin' at the Swannanoa Gathering as I write this.  I'm typin' & sendin' because he wants to make sure you know about some exciting upcoming shows:
Six String Caf in Cary, NC
Saturday, July 9th
Concerts Under the Stars with Patty Griffin in King of Prussia, PA
Sunday, July 17th
Arts in the Park in New York City
Tuesday - Friday, July 18th-22nd

There are many others, too.  Click on "shows" above to find one near you.

Billy was glad to receive messages from a number of you who are interested in joining the new band he is forming.  He's hoping to soon get a chance to go through and respond to those messages.  In the meantime, he's still looking for a few good men and women -- singers, percussionists and other musical kindred spirits for his new band.  If you're interested, please e-mail .

And lastly, I need to use this news message to help Billy find a new Office Manager to take my place.  I had spent a year looking unsuccessfully for a good teaching job, had given up, and was excited to come work for Billy.  But weirdly enough, three months after ending my job search, a good teaching job came looking for me.  So if you have computer/office/people skills and are interested in a fun, interesting, and challenging part-time job, please e-mail your letter & resume ASAP to .  It is for the best of causes -- helping keep an amazing creative artist and all-around sweet guy from drowning in a sea of bills, calls and e-mails.  I will miss working closely with Billy and the prospect of getting to meet more of you, but I am excited to get back into the classroom.  Please consider taking my place, and wish me luck in the 6th grade!
Steve Plever

NOTE: The Office Manager position has been filled.

updated: 12 years ago